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One Small Step is the culmination of unparalleled British craftsmanship and our passion for simplistic Scandinavian designs.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, our bespoke cloud themed play area was the creation of a renowned indoor playground British design firm with over three illustrious decades of perfecting the art of children's indoor playgrounds.

One Space for All 

Here at one small step we strive to re-envision what family-friendly is. By carefully curating the best children lifestyle brands from across the globe, we have created a space not just children will love, but also a place that us parents will crave even more.

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The widely celebrated Scandinavian design firm from Denmark stylistically furnishes our café. The company's enduring craftsmanship and honest expressions are on full display in our main dining area with the classic Muuto Still Café Tables and the stunning Muuto Visu Chairs.

Featured prominently in our private party room is the distinctive designs of renowned Danish design brand, Ferm Living.

Effortlessly timeless, Cam Cam Copenhagen graces our play areas with its poetic designs and elevating our play space with its elegance.


The Up! highchair from Dutch furniture extraordinaire, Kidsmill, is used at out café because of their incredible reputation for unparalleled quality and design.

Inspired by its Nordic roots, Bloomingville toys harmoniously completes our play area.

Our play kitchen is lovingly handmade by second-generation toy-making artisans with non-toxic finishes from the USA. 

Our organic bamboo tableware from Sweden keeps your children safe during meal times, while staying stylish and environmentally friendly.

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