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Bloomingville Summer Confetti 21 pcs

Bloomingville Summer Confetti 21 pcs

SKU: 95147586
HK$50.00 Regular Price
HK$25.00Sale Price

For a birthday party, name day, New Year's Eve party or jubilee? Any form of party and fun is perfect to use Bloomingville confetti . 21 dots of two sizes can decorate not only the table or all kinds of tops. They will also look fantastic on cabinets, dressers, and also on the floor. The variety of designs, inscriptions and colors in the set gives amazing possibilities for party and creative madness among the sounds of laughter and joyful conversations. And cleaning? This task is not until tomorrow. Today is the party time! The diameter of small dots is 2.5 cm , large 4 cm .

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